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Stu Williamson

Stu Williamson FMPA M.P.A. Master Photographer of the year 2016/17
Like so many things that exist in our World, it is in danger of becoming disposable; a one click all can do art form. My inherent belief is that there is no shortcut to creative fulfilment.
Creative fulfilment is my drive to that one moment of capture, to that moment when you instinctively know that you have achieved a piece of timeless art.
I am a working class freethinker, who grew up in England, with a mix of Scottish and Irish ancestry. My talents were honed by my love affair with the darkroom. Thousands and thousands of solitary hours spent in the dark perfecting my creations shaped my connection with the sky, sea and earth I was from, awaking what was already within me at birth; an appetite for angels, demons and mermaids.
These heroes and heroines of mine, always feature heavily in my fine art images.
Those darkroom hours exposed my passion for medieval art and the symbolism hidden deep within from a time when religious belief systems were being carved out shaping the boundaries of modern day continents, inspiring artists like myself to seek their creative fulfilment and individual destinies.

Stu Williamson FMPA M.P.A. Master Photographer of the year 2016/17 “Driven by the desire to move away from the predictable”